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No Boring Beer First Blog Post

No Boring Beer Fist Blog Post

Hello to all our beer fans. This will be our first blog post among many. So I will be short/ shortish. Please be advised - I am from Russia and this probably will not be Shakespeare Style but I will do my best. 

As you might be aware we have recently opened our Lavender Hill Store. It defiantly need your support! We have created unique place there not like any other craft beer shop. It cozy welcoming and airy site.12 Seats upstairs and our first ever digital menu. We have downstairs where we will have additional tasting room for 8-10 people. We will install the projector there so anyone can put on a good movie. However, most of the time we will use it to have beer/ wine tasting notes displayed . 

We will soon announce some major upgrades to our loyalty scheme , subscription box and beer tastings events. We are working as hard as we can but because we currently have a small team it is defiantly a challenge. 

Christmas Gift Boxes are also on the way. Soon you will see decorations in our stores and many cool gift sets you can purchase. At the Jars Bar (No Boring Beer Deptford)  we will soon have timetable of events and possible slots for party Hire. 

And Finally I would like to discus this current situation with Increase beer duty. It seams very discriminative towards small breweries since the draught beer duty relief was announced for 40L kegs and above. And almost all micro-breweries use either 20 or 30 litter kegs. This give unfair advantage to big breweries. SIBA and association members are writing a petition to include smaller kegs in this duty relief. I generally believe this release was lobby by bigger player and due to luck of knowledge of beer industry Rishi Sunak has made a decision based on advise from corporate. 

Furthermore, additional duty is imposed on beers above 8.5% and can put our beloved Double IPA's at jeopardy as it can become unviable to produce or the price will be extreme high. We hope this can be looked at or have relief for small producers - as I am not ready to give up juicy DDH Double IPA. 



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